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Make a Plan

You may be separated from your family or friends when an emergency happens. Knowing ahead of time how to connect and communicate with each other is one the easiest things you can do to be ready to respond to any kind of emergency or disaster.

Angie: My children and I have two designated meeting spots for us to meet if something happens – one on our street and one just outside of the neighborhood.

Joseph: I’ll use the Ready South Texas app to share my status with my family during an emergency.

Sam: I have an out-of-town friend who is my point of contact that I can trust and depend on to help me and my family reconnect from afar.

Tom and Glenda: We keep in close contact with our family during bad weather events.

Desi: My parents know to expect a text from me letting them know I’m okay if something happens while I’m on campus.

Athalie: I share on my Facebook page my status during bad weather events. My whole family is able to know if I’m okay or if I need help with just a few mouse clicks.

You can find instructions on how to create an emergency communication plan for you and your family or friends at ReadySouthTexas.Gov

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